What is Email Marketing?

Marketing is a very broad subject, and in the online world Email Marketing is to date, one of the most successful and cost-effective methods of marketing.

Marketing is the means by which you as a business promote and sell your products or services.

This can include conducting market research or advertising by various means such as advertisements, social media, radio platforms, etc.

However none of these methods can come close to Email Marketing, especially for small businesses.

Why is Email Marketing so successful?
How does it give businesses a return on investment of 4300%?

There are a few reasons… Email Marketing gives you full control, it is very easy to manage (witht the right tool) and you can have direct contact with your subscribers!

Due to the fact that you are speaking directly to your subscribers that have opted in for your emails, you can speak straight to their needs and provide the most relevant products and services, and at the same time provide the solution to their problems.

However… the success of your Email Marketing campaigns depends by far the majority on the tools that you use… because what is the use of creating beautiful emails with great offers that never reach your client?!

That’s why tools like Email Autoresponder Software have hit the world by storm.

What should Good Email Marketing Software have?

If it is a Good Email Marketing Software, you should get engaging and appealing templates and the tools to easily create newsletters or broadcasts that draw attention.

Ideally you want a drag-and-drop editor that doesn’t require coding or advanced copywriting skills.

Also… a Good Email Marketing Software must let you send bulk emails easily…

Of course, by sending in bulk, majority of email service providers have anti-spam filters… so a Good Email Marketing Software, should be able to alert the receiving email service providers that it is not spam and your email must reach the inbox of your subscribers.

While sending in bulk is important, a Good Email Marketing Software should also customise and personalise each of those emails to the specific person and based on their wants.

This is called targeted emails… or even better is full scale automation with follow up email campaigns dependent on your subscribers’ actions.

In order to do that effectively and efficiently, a Good Email Marketing Software must have segmentation and tagging so that the right content reach the right clientele.

Beyond sending the mails… you should also be able to track the performance of your different email marketing campaigns.

What is an Email Autoresponder Tool?

How is Email Marketing Software and an Email Autoresponder Tool different?

In the products and software available today… it is almost not separable.


Since majority of Email Marketing Software include an Email Autoresponder Tool…

As I described above in “What a Good Email Marketing Software should include”, the response or automation of email marketing is very important for successful marketing campaigns.


An Email Autoresponder Tool is essential and vital to the success of a business, since that is what will drive your sales, keep your clients coming back for more and build loyalty and trust.

It was found that people need to see an offer 6 times before they have made up their mind.


If you have to send marketing campaigns or advertisements six times to your subscribers manually before any of them purchase you will have no time to run your business.

This is where Email Autoresponder Tools become priceless!


Now combined with Email Autoresponder Tools, you can have A/B Split Testing to check that your emails will be effective before you even send them.


It is also measurable and you can track the performance of your emails that is sent automatically by the Email Autoresponder Tool.

Which Email Autoresponder Tool is right for me?

To actually find the Email Autoresponder Tool that is right for you, or that will fulfil your requirement is not that difficult…


Because Email Marketing Software have all standardised on a lot of elements contained in their packages…

So when it comes to features and prices, they are all very similar.

And there is so many software available today… I believe there is probably more than 40 different SaaS (Software as a Service) Email Marketing Software Tools that I can think of!


To determine the Best Autoresponder Tool for your business, you have ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do I want to spend $30 / mo or $300 / mo?
  2. Do I want the best possible deliverability?
  3. Do I want to integrate my email lists to shopping carts and eCommerce features?
  4. Do I want to import offline contacts?
  5. What other features do I need my Autoresponder to do?

Like I mentioned before…

Majority of the Top Email Autoresponder Tools available today have standardised on packages and should include most of the features you require.

So here is a list of short reviews of some of the Top Email Autoresponder Tools and the Best Email Marketing Software that I would recommend.


In conclusion, Email Autoresponder Tools are really great programs, and among the many available they have some common features and some unique features.

Each of the programs have their own niche, so according to your situation you can use these “Software as a Service” (“SaaS”) Tools to make your business thrive!

I hope that I was able to shed some light on what is Email Marketing and what is an Email Autoresponder Tool.

If you are curious as to what programs and tools are available out there, you can have a look at this post here. I have made a list of the best Email Autoresponder Tools available…


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