Want a Website? Then You Need Web Hosting!

If you want to have your own website… and you want it to be searchable and for other people to find it, then you need Web Hosting.

But more importantly… you must make sure to invest in the right Web Hosting Service Provider as well as choose the right Type of Web Hosting.

Unfortunately, for anyone wanting to be on the World Wide Web, there is no way around having a Web Hosting Service.

I’ll share briefly:

  1. Why do you need Web Hosting?
  2. What is Web Hosting?
  3. Types of Web Hosting

So first things first.

Why you need Web Hosting

I’ll explain in more detail what exactly Web Hosting is, but basically to have your website live on the internet, you need to invest in Web Hosting.

There are many perceptions that only registering your Domain Name is enough to put your website on the internet.


This is not true, and simply registering a domain name, without having Web Hosting, will be a waste of your money.

But luckily, Web Hosting Services are not very expensive and it gives you all the great benefits I’ll share below.

1. Safety first!

When hosting a website on your own or on FREE platforms, it is not possible to know how secure your site will be.

If you can choose your security plugins and safety measures, then your site will of course have better levels of safety from hackers, bots, etc.


Many Web Hosting Services (all of the ones included in my list) offer 24/7 expert support.

You can contact these companies immediately if you have a problem or suspect any safety breaches.

2. You have your own property!

Once you have Web Hosting, it’s like having your piece of digital real estate. Your space on the web. So you can give your address (domain name) to the world, and when they look you up, they can come find you.

You can design the most beautiful website on your own, but if you cannot upload it on a Web Hosting server, nobody will be able to find you.


Who would have ever thought that it is possible to have real estate for FREE?!

Well… in the digital world, it’s possible!

3. You can just focus on building your brand!

Web Hosting is just basically renting a space on the web, that you will build your house…

But as with any real estate, it requires maintenance and management… and this is not always so easy to do online.


If you are not very technically inclined (like majority of us), then it becomes a bit of a mission.

But if you have a good quality Web Hosting Service provider, then they’ll handle all the back-end concerns…


They will take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your site, and also the repairs to servers if required.

And all of the computing power, memory, processing ability and managmement of the operating systems will be handled by the Web Hosting Service provider.


So you can just focus on building your website and making your name known!!

4. The ability to customise and truly make it your own

Opting for a FREE Web Hosting Service, comes at a price.

That price is YOUR NAME!

One of the problems with FREE Web Hosting Services, is co-branding. What that means is that the Web Hosting Service is sharing their brand on your website.

So automatically your credibility and the design of your website, takes a knock.

FREE Web Hosting Services, doesn’t allow you to customise your website as you like, since you only have access to limited plugins and tools.

You can of course give it a try… (I also did in the beginning… lol)

If you truly want to have your own website with full control to customise, then you need to have your own Web Hosting.

5. You are in control

Platforms that will host your website for FREE usually have quite strict (and more than paid sites) terms and conditions, which you obviously have to agree to.

If you violate any of those terms or conditions, then they have the right to immediately close down your site.


It doesn’t matter if you have worked on it for one month, or 10 years…

I have heard of many horror stories of sites being taken down due to violating the agreement.


Sometimes they will put the site back up, if their might have been some misunderstanding or misinterpretation of information on your site.

But you have lost those days, or even weeks!


Ultimately the domain you choose, is your name and your reputation, which makes this an incredible risk to take, if you are serious about running a good and sustainable website.

If you want to have control and be able to decide when your site should be live and not, then you absolutely need a reputable Web Hosting Service.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a facility that gives people / companies the ability to put their websites on the internet.

A Web Hosting Service Provider (known as the Web Host) is a business that gives you the technology, equipment and expertise required to get your website on the internet.

All the websites and pages on the internet are hosted on massive computers around the world, called servers.

So when other people want to see your website, then they can just type in your domain (known as your website address) in their web browser.

Then your Web Host’s computers will take them to your website where it is stored on one of their servers.

A lot of Web Hosting Service Providers need you to buy your domain separately.

But most of the best Web Hosts that I’ve reviewed and listed below, gives you a domain for FREE (included in the subscription).

In more general terms, Web Hosting is like your home ground where your website lives.

And just like you’ll have your furniture and other items in your house, all of the files and pictures and videos that is on your website are stored here.

So your Web Hosting Service will rent that space on their server to you and manage it for you, as in redirected people that search for your website (like I mentioned above).

Each Web Hosting Service will provide some basic services related to each of the types of Web Hosting available…

Some of the key features that you should get from a Web Hosting Service provider are:

FTP Access: This is a fancy name for a place to store your files. It stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. This is the space on that server where all your documents and pictures are.

Email Account: Now that you will have your domain name (your website address), for example www.mywebsite.com. Your Web Hosting Service provider should give you access to email accounts like myemail@mywebsite.com.

WordPress: With majority of the bloggers and website builders using WordPress as the website builder, a lot of the Web Hosts have packages and deals that include WordPress support. If they don’t support WordPress they should tell you outright.

TYPES of Web Hosting Services...

When you start looking for Web Hosting Services, then you’ll realise that there are actually different types of Web Hosting Services to choose from…

Besides the different levels within each category…

As technology have become more advanced and the requirements of each person / business have evolved so has the options from Web Hosting Service providers.

Depending on the technical knowledge required, reliability, speed, support and even the amount of storage there are different types of Web Hosting Services.

It is quite important to understand (even just briefly) what the difference in these types of Web Hosting Services are, so that you can choose what fits your requirements.

Depending on what you need and your budget, some of the features might not apply to you and you can save a few bucks!

The most common Web Hosting Types are:

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

What is the Best Web Hosting Services?

It is not always easy to know which is the Best Web Hosting Service out there…

All the Web Hosts are constantly changing their plans to meet the requirements of the customers and keeping the competition real.

I have searched and selected some of the best companies available out there and reviewed their features.

If you are curious about what the Best Web Hosting Services out there are, have a look at this post.


In conclusion, there are more than one reason that you need a good Web Hosting Service. These web hosts give you all the basics that you need to get your website live on the internet.

Some of them have something extra or less, and if you can use those features effectively it will make your website very visible!

I hope that through this short post I was able to show you why it is necessary for you to have a good Web Hosting Service Provider.

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